Kabooti seat cushion provides relief and comfort

In ancient times, home cushions were normally massive but still sufficiently rigid to be used as a seat – even without resting on any legs. It has, however, over time, been reinvented into a smaller upholstery item, and is now normally patterned as a decorative piece of furniture. 


What is a cushion?

A cushion, which is also known as hassock or bolster, is a fluffy bag stuffed full of fur, wool, or sometimes, fragmented paper, unwoven materials, and polyester-based staple fiber. These materials are basically used to soften the chair or couch angularity or hardness. 

The cushion is a very ancient furniture piece; a staple of palaces and luxurious homes enjoyed since the Middle Ages. Historical inventories from the middle ages normally capture this iconic piece. 


Seat cushions

People either mandatorily, or by choice, spend extended time sitting daily and this posture, if maintained, in the long run, will result in undue pressure on the spine and lumbar. Consequently, the seat cushions are typically designed to encourage correct sitting posture as well as support so as to reduce the strain on the lumbar. 

Generally, seat cushions are designed to enhance the comfortability of the typical chair as well as help ease minor pains thanks to the ergonomic features such as massage and heat for total relief of tired muscles. 


Types of seat cushions

There are various kinds of seat cushions readily available in the market. Some are inflatable while others are fashioned out of gel or fluffy foams. However, some are specifically designed with a cutout at the rear to reduce the possibility of your body weight applying direct pressure on the painful spots while sitting. 

Some persons with certain back conditions tend to be unable to sit flat on the backside, thus, physicians tend to recommend the donut ring seat cushion for the even distribution of weight. 


Donut ring: the solution to sitting problems

The donut ring cushion is fashioned out of memory foam with robust molding capabilities to provide you with maximum comfort that comes with regular use. Its unique round shape with a hole in the middle is purposed for even distribution of weight that allows your buttocks to fit into the hole. 

It is typically used on benches or chairs with flat surfaces in the home, car, and offices. The benefits of this cushion include: 

  • Potent pain relief 
  • Improved posture 
  • Adaptability to various body shapes 
  • Mobility 
  • Alleviation of strain on sensitive spots 
  • Usage in multi-environments (e.g. car, home, and office) 
  • Enhanced ventilation 



This is a fluffy pad usually shaped V or U to shield the coccyx or tailbone from the strain resulting from extended hours of sitting. Unlike the donut ring, the coccyx is a peculiar solution providing relief to people with tailbone pain. 

Other medical conditions for which the coccyx is also a recommended solution for are: 

  • Prostrate disorder 
  • Hemorrhoids pain 
  • Pilonidal Cysts 

The coccyx cushion is beneficial for the following:

  • People recovering from back surgery. This alleviates the strain on the tailbone and spinal cord. 
  • To reduce strain on the prostate and anal areas in people with swollen prostrate and hemorrhoids. 
  • Pain relief from inflammatory and chronic pain in the pelvic and back area in pregnant women. 



This one is ideal for helping stability, posture improvement, relief of backaches, and enhancing concentration in children. It is an air-based cushion adapted to motivate users to sit upright by allowing the lower back to curve inwardly and the pelvis to tilt forward. 

The induced posture corrects the strains on the body’s joints and sensitive areas. For children, you can inflate or deflate to levels required to wedge kids who are likely to rock in their seat. 

Ideally, it is safer not to over-inflate the cushion as doing so will contort the wedge shape making it uncomfortable for sitting. Using it on the floor for standing and sitting can be beneficial to children gaining mastery in balance.  


Kabooti Seat Cushion

The Kabooti seat cushion is a three-in-one comfortable pad combining all the rich features of the coccyx, seating wedge, and donut ring relief formations. This unique ergonomic design adapted for your maximum comfort is unique to Kabooti only. 


Whether you seek comfort or medical purposes, or the luxury of seat cushions, the Kabooti seat cushion is a unique brand offering all features of the three kinds of seat cushions highlighted above in one design. 

Typical features of the Kabooti cushion features 

The following makes the unique Kabooti brand the most sort after seat cushion: 

  • The wedge formation of the cushion makes it thinner in front and thicker in the rear. This feature makes it capacious enough to offer you the needed support in your coccyx area while allowing free circulation beneath the laps. 
  • The cutout at the rear extending to the donut ring hole at the middle of the cushion serves as a ventilating channel for the coolness and optimal comfort of the user. 
  • Unlike the traditional seat cushion, the cover is a stretchable cloth with dual knits which makes it inconspicuous (i.e. people will hardly notice it as a seat cushion). 
  • The stabilization that the corner lobes offer makes the process of balancing much easier than it is with the standalone donut ring cushion. 
  • The design adapted to maximize comfort tends to condition the pelvis of the user to tilt forward. This induced posture ensures the appropriate curve on the lumbar for pelvic support and low back comfort. 


Why choose Kabooti seat cushion?

Although you may have developed some form of affinity towards some seat cushions with alluring features such as those with the inserted cooling gels for temperature regulation as well as a cutout hole in the middle to relieve aches on the coccyx. Sounds cool?  


How about enjoying complete comfort while seated on the three-in-one Kabooti seat cushion which is just perfect and ideal for those who spend extended hours sitting on a chair while working or those plagued by sciatica – pain flowing down through the back of the thigh and the buttocks – as well as those with special ailments that require some form of restrictions such as a wheelchair. For people in these categories, the Kabooti seat cushion is a perfect choice. 

It is expedient that you put into consideration the little things that will eventually influence your wellbeing and health in the long-term by choosing the Kabooti seat cushion; that would be a step in the right direction!