4 situations for using a seating cushion

Cushions are everywhere and often for decoration purposes. However, there are cushions that have a medical purpose. They help to reduce back pains and support a healthier posture

Nowadays, most people sit way too much. Kids already have to sit at least half of the day in school. It doesn’t really change in college and when you then get an office job you continue to sit and you often sit for more than half a day. Since so much time is spent sitting, it is really important to have the right posture or you will get problems with your back and coccyx. When this happens just ordinary sitting becomes a torture and other movements will hurt as well.  

A medical seating cushion can help prevent this. We have listed 4 reasons why you should start using a seating cushion as well. 


1. Stops tailbone pain

Tailbone pain can be really painful. The pain can be caused by bruises or contusions after falling on the tailbone. Sitting for a long time on a hard surface can also cause pain in the tailbone. It can be very unpleasant to sit with tailbone pain. A coccyx cushion can help with the pain release. The cushion is u-shaped and the back part of the cushion is left open. This way the tailbone has no contact with the cushion and is relieved. 


2. Relieves the spinal column

 Another advantage of a seating cushion is that it is good for the spinal column. The u-shape and the fact that the material adjusts to your body helps to support a healthy distribution of the weight while sitting. The pelvis is automatically moved forward while it helps to get the natural s-shape of the spinal column. This will relieve the back pains.  


3. Supports and trains the natural posture 

We all know that we should try to keep a good posture to avoid health problems in the future. This counts for standing as well as sitting. Using a seating cushion helps to improve your posture. The ergonomic shape supports an upright and healthy seating posture and avoids possible health problems. 


4. Use it anywhere you want 

A medical seating cushion doesn’t need a lot of space and can be used anywhere. Therefore you can sit with a straight posture anywhere you want. Especially when traveling, the seats are usually uncomfortable and don’t adjust to your needs. Using the seating cushion while traveling can help you enjoy more comfort on the trip. 

Those were 4 reasons why a medical seating cushion is a good investment in your health. Of course, there are several other reasons. But at the end, it all comes down to the fact that a healthy posture is very important. A straight and healthy posture can go a long way and is important for the whole body. Using a seating cushion helps you train the posture and makes sure that you are sitting right.